3 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

Proper lighting in the bathroom is essential but often an afterthought. We start and end our days in the bathroom, so it only makes sense we pay attention to the lighting. Poor lighting in your bathroom can result in accidents, an unattractive appearance (for both you and the room), as well as a negative impact on your mood. To ensure you can see when shaving or putting on your makeup, proper lighting is key. Follow these 3 tips for better lighting in your bathroom.

1. Start with the Ceiling

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom from scratch or are just updating your lighting, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down. When it comes to ceiling lighting, you have two options: flush mount or recessed lighting.

Flush mount lighting refers to any visible light fixture that sits directly against the ceiling and shines light downward. Depending on the fixture you choose, there can be space for uplighting to reflect onto the ceiling and into the room which will make it appear brighter overall.

Recessed lighting, more commonly known as pot lights in Canada, are lights that are installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling. This makes the lights themselves invisible as they are flush with the ceiling. They provide a clean and modern look as they blend in with the space.

The type of lighting you choose is really up to personal style preference. If you want to draw attention to your ceiling, opt for a fixture that is made to be looked at. For a simpler and more modern look, pot lights are best as they do not draw attention to themselves.

Design Tip: Avoid putting lights of any kind directly above your head as this will cause harsh and unflattering shadows. Instead, place your ceiling lighting over the walkway area so that you’re lit from behind and not directly above.

2. Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting is the most important lighting when it comes to seeing yourself. Good vanity lighting will assist you when shaving, putting in contacts, or doing your makeup. The best set up for your vanity lighting is to have a light on either side of your mirror at eye level. This way there will be no shadows cast on your face. You also want to avoid asymmetrical lighting as this can cast shadows as well. You want to look your best when looking at your reflection and proper lighting will help illuminate your natural beauty.

3. Light Bulbs and Dimmers

The benefits of LED light bulbs are numerous, especially when it comes to costs. They help save energy and you also don’t need to replace them for years. In addition to these benefits, LEDs are much easier to dim. If you haven’t considered adding dimmers to your bathroom, you should. Not only can they help create a dimly lit spa-like experience, but they can also be lowered further for late night trips to the bathroom. Adding dimmers to your LED light bulbs will give you the flexibility to create the right lighting for every occasion. Note: Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your existing lighting, it’s important to only hire a licensed electrician. As a Canadian homeowner, it is your responsibility to ask for proper licensing from any electrician working on your home. Check their Vivahpmepros profile for a Verified badge that ensures they have the proper licensing to carry out your project.

Proper bathroom lighting is essential to starting and ending your day right. By updating your lighting you can create a bright space that is visually appealing. In addition to your bathroom looking better, you’ll find you look better too! Why spend any more time in a bathroom with poor lighting. Connect with an electrician today and light your bathroom right!

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