Basement Projects in Vancouver Under $250,000

As you spend more time at home, you might start to notice the potential your home  has. For instance, you might be spending more time, or thinking about spending more time, in different areas of your home. Your basement just might be one of those spaces. Whether your basement is unfinished, unused and dated, or in need of a transformation, investing into the space has great value. Read on to see how homeowners in Vancouver transformed their basements.

Basement Suite Renovation for $210,000 in Vancouver

Imraan had the pleasure of working with Kingsmen Contracting to renovate his family’s basement suite. This renovation included a full gut of the space. Kingsmen Contracting transformed a dark, dated, crowded basement suite into a bright, modern, spacious suite.

Through updating and configuring the space, Imraan now has a fully functional unit including a TV room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Take a look at all of the photos here.

In hiring a single company to complete these renovations, Imraan avoided any miscommunications between multiple contractors. This is especially important for this renovation as building out a basement suite requires abiding by any codes or permits. Without doing so, Imraan might have had to redo some of the work, costing him extra money.

Basement suites are a great asset to have, especially if you do not use the space regularly. Whether you’re renting it out or your kids are moving back home, this addition can add lots of value to your home. Having a kitchen, bathroom, and extra bedroom is a great asset to your home. Get connected with a pro to discuss your basement renovation today.

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