How to Update Your Porch for Fall

The weather may be cooling down, but we’re entering one of the most beautiful times of the year. We’re lucky to have four distinct seasons in Canada, each with their own benefits. Every new season brings an opportunity for change and to start fresh. Here’s how to update your front porch to take advantage of the beautiful fall and it’s somewhat chilly but manageable temperatures.

1.A new Front Door

Updating your front door has many benefits. A new front door will enhance your curb appeal, increase security and it can help save you  money on heating and cooling! Over time, front doors wear down from daily use and being exposed to the elements. The weatherstripping can wear away and create gaps for air to escape. This means that your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your home warm because warm air is actually escaping from around your door.

Instead of paying more on your monthly utility bill, invest in a new door.

You can speak to a pro about the best option for your home and find a door to fit your budget. If your door is still in good condition but you’re a little bored with it, consider updating the colour. A fresh new colour is a great way to embrace the new season and increase your curb appeal.

2. Add Seating

While it’s unsafe to have neighbours pop by for a cup of tea indoors, you can still socialize at a safe distance. Depending on the size of your porch, adding seating to opposite ends can create a  spot for friends to visit and chat for a bit. Think about adding chairs or a bench to accommodate your visitors. By sprucing up the rest of your porch, you’ll have a place that is beautiful to look at while safely distancing with friends. Take advantage of the fall weather and enjoy meeting friends outside while you still can.


3. Porch Maintenance

There’s no sense in updating a porch that isn’t structurally sound. Overtime, porches can weaken and railings can become loose. If you’re concerned about the safety of your porch, read this article to find out if yours has any warning signs it needs repairs. If you find your porch  does need some attention, be sure to connect with a pro now. You’ll want to update your porch before the snow starts. Fall is a good time to do porch maintenance projects as the pros aren’t as busy as they are in the summertime. Connect with a pro now so you can safely use your porch all year long.

4. The Details

Chipped paint? A light that doesn’t turn on? Railings that wobble? There are a number of small details that make up our porches and if they’re looking worse for wear, so too will your home overall. Take the time to do an appearance check of your home. If you were walking by and didn’t own your home, what would you notice? You might realize that your shutters are nearly falling off or your address is missing a number. This is a clear sign that it’s time to update the details. If

you have a bunch of smaller projects to get done, consider hiring a handyman to help you out. It’s often cheaper to get them to do multiple small tasks at once, as opposed to hiring a specialist for each individual task.

5. Clean Up

If you didn’t get a chance to clean off your porch this summer, there’s still time! Power washing your porch, home exterior, and even the path leading up to your home, can make a huge difference. By hiring a pro to power wash your home, you can wash away years of built-up dirt and debris. Power washing is also a great way to prep your home or porch for a new coat of paint. Connect with a pro to get a quote so you can  find out how much it will cost to spruce

Every new season brings with it an opportunity for change. Take the time to update your porch this fall so that you can enjoy it before the weather gets too cold and drives us inside for months. By making updates that enhance your curb appeal and security, you’ll be able to enjoy your porch and share it with your neighbours. Connect with a pro today who can help you update your porch for Fall.

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