Building Trust

Building trust with your VivaHomePros profile is truly basic. Here are a couple of activities and a few things to maintain a strategic distance from to ensure your profile gets a VivaHomePros proposal and has the most noteworthy score conceivable.

Standard audits will keep your profile looking new and improve your score. Solicit all from your customers to audit the work you've done. Stunningly better in the event that they've utilized VivaHomePros previously—property holders who have composed a few audits are confided in additional.

Try not to request that companions or family compose audits or recruit anybody to post surveys for you. This will contrarily affect your score.

Try not to stress excessively in the event that you get a negative survey. React to the survey. Tending to concerns legitimately shows your organization is focused on offering extraordinary support and open to criticism.

Research audits just when you don't perceive the creator or occupation being portrayed. Examination demand for whatever else, such as questioning the subtleties in a survey, won't be prepared and can adversely affect your score.

Requesting that a property holder evacuate a negative audit will bring down your suggestion level. In the event that a goals happens, they can alter their survey to change their supposition.

In the event that a property holder composes a survey or sends you a message, react in a convenient way. Regardless of whether you can't support them, simply let them know. Round out your profile totally and stay up with the latest.

Utilize the VivaHomePros for Business App to distribute photographs of your present work and afterward request an audit from your cell phone. Routinely check to ensure protection, licenses, realization and business enlistments are generally exceptional. Guarantee your organization's FICO score is on favorable terms.

What is Star Score?

Star Score gauges the reliability of the countless contractual workers on our site. This new Score is determined out of 100% much like test scores, and considers numerous factors that we know through understanding to be basic while picking a dependable home proficient.

The VivaHomePros Star Score Meter

The Score every temporary worker is given is characterized by various significant parts of a contractual workers' presentation and changes powerfully, as the contract based workers' business develops. Here's the way everything works: Normal rating is not, at this point a straight normal of all surveys at any point presented on a temporary worker profile. Surveys are presently weighted dependent on various basic factors, for example, age of the audit and analyst traits

Recent to what extent it's been since the organization last had an audit distributed Notoriety estimates whether an organization has ever messed with surveys or tormented property holders to expel audits. It is additionally affected when we need more data, as on account of a low number of surveys Responsiveness gauges how well an organization reacts to Service Requests and Reviews