Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody realizes that the “word of mouth” is the most ideal approach to get business. Also, your neighborhood just got greater with an online verbal website that positions nearby renovators, repairmen, and home help retailers dependent on consumer loyalty.

Each and every audit on our site experiences a thorough confirmation and screening process. VivaHomePros begins by requiring substantial accreditation to guarantee that the entirety of our property holders and their cases are real. Submitted audits are then gone through a mind boggling confirmation and screening process that utilizes various profoundly specialized extortion identification calculations to expel entries with dubious movement. At that point, an individual from our Content Team surveys the accommodation to guarantee that it has passed the entirety of our prerequisites before it is distributed to an organization's posting. Organizations are allowed to challenge audits that they think don't have a place with them and those surveys are then rethought. On the off chance that they are from genuine mortgage holders, they are kept up. It would be ideal if you see our Review Guidelines for additional subtleties.

With our Brand Builder enrollment where you can open a huge amount of highlights that permit you to completely redo your profile page, transfer your logo, include a marked foundation picture, include a photograph and video display, and significantly more.

With a Brand Builder participation, your organization will get full introduction across key site pages, permitting property holders to discover and interface with you all the more frequently. You'll hang out in indexed lists, on classification pages, and even on your rival's pages, with complimentary supported promotions.

Transferring a logo is just accessible with a Brand Builder participation. In the event that you are a Brand Builder sign in to your record and go to your organization dashboard. Snap on Edit Listing, at that point click on Upload in the Your Company Logo exchange box.

Transferring a spread photograph is just accessible with a Brand Builder enrollment. On the off chance that you are a Brand Builder sign in to your record and go to your organization dashboard. Snap on Edit Listing, at that point click on Upload in the Cover Photo discourse box.

The VivaHomePros for Business App brings a considerable lot of the highlights of your VivaHomePros profile to your pocket. The Request A Review include permits you to demand an audit from your client by entering their telephone number and email address. The framework will send your customer an instant message with a connect to audit and catch up with an email 24 hours after the fact if no reaction is gotten.

The VivaHomePros Verified program is another trust activity where you'll get a Verified identification on your profile page demonstrating property holders that the entirety of your lawful and expert prerequisites are all together. By experiencing the basic procedure of getting checked, not exclusively will you remain over the opposition, however property holders will likewise be consoled that they're recruiting a solid business.

On the off chance that you are uncertain of who a client is and have checked your records and can't get a new line of work that identifies with theirs, you can demand an examination on the survey. We will confirm in the event that they are in actuality your client or not. VivaHomePros can't give the data assembled from the analyst except if legally necessary. In the event that we accept the verification is adequate, the audit will be re posted.

A checked private client is a mortgage holder who has decided not to uncover their character regarding their audit. Audits from checked private clients get a similar examination as all surveys on VivaHomePros. On the off chance that in the wake of perusing the audit of a checked private client you are as yet uncertain of what their identity is and don't trust you have adjusted them, demand an examination. A similar procedure as portrayed above will occur.

Any paying client of the organization can leave a survey. This implies if cash was traded between the customer and your organization, they reserve the option to compose a survey. In the event that the cash was come back to the client, they despite everything reserve the privilege to compose an audit. Organizations you have performed occupations with as subcontractors can't post surveys. On the off chance that you were recruited by another organization to accomplish individual work for them and they paid you, at that point the survey is permitted. A similar procedure applies to real estate agent. In the event that they have straightforwardly employed and paid you for your administrations, they can leave a survey. Both sub-temporary workers and agent can't leave a survey dependent on suggestion alone. Relatives can't post whether they have paid for the administrations. You can't leave a survey for a client's benefit. Rather, take a stab at utilizing the VivaHomePros for Business application to gather your surveys once the activity is finished.

In the event that your client enters in an inappropriate cost, postal code, area, or has a spelling botch in their survey, VivaHomePros can't refresh this data without their authorization. The client can either alter their audit or they can email and request the data to be refreshed. On the off chance that they would prefer not to change their data, at that point it will be left with no guarantees. We won't contact a client to refresh their data dependent on an organization demand. Having an erroneous cost/postal code/area/spelling botch doesn't influence your proposal meter. We will never alter the subtleties in a survey.

We permit one audit at regular intervals per family unit, with a constraint of three surveys for every family for one organization. For instance, you can't have each individual from the family compose a survey for a similar activity. Clients are just permitted to keep in touch with one audit for every activity done. This implies they can't hold up a half year and compose another audit for a similar activity they recently looked into

We just gather your client's data for check purposes. We don't share or sell client data.

Audits are composed by the client on their footing. On the off chance that the client needs to compose a survey, that is up to them, we can't drive a client away from an audit for your organization. All audits are checked by our Content Integrity Team. This procedure can take up to 48 business hours from the hour of accommodation. We now and then send check messages to clients. In the event that we don't get a reaction to a check email, the survey may not be posted. In the event that a client is making some troublesome memories posting an audit, they can generally for help.

We permit one audit at regular intervals per family unit, with a restriction of three surveys for every family for one organization. For instance, you can't have each individual from the family unit compose an audit for a similar activity. Clients are just permitted to think of one survey for every activity done. This implies they can't hold up a half year and compose another audit for a similar activity they recently investigated

Reacting to an audit is an incredible method to contact your clients while letting potential customers who are perusing surveys perceive how you cooperate with your customers. You ought to react to audits to thank clients for their surveys and to clear up any worries/question/'s they may have. Reacting to a negative survey when you know who the client is, is an extraordinary method to help and right the circumstance. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea who the client is, however perceive the activity, react to the survey with contact data so they can connect with you. We can't discharge contact subtleties or individual data about clients except if legally necessary.

On the off chance that you accept a survey on your posting is phony or doesn't have a place with your organization, you can demand an examination in your dashboard. You should possibly explore audits when you don't have the foggiest idea who the client is and trust you didn't accomplish work for them (survey on wrong posting), when cash was not traded, or in the event that you see the substance as disparaging.

Audits that are under 60 days old can be examined. After your examination demand is gotten, it goes to the Content Team. On the off chance that we discover your solicitation meets our prerequisites for an examination, the audit will be pulled down inside 48 business hours of the examination demand. A banner will show up on your posting expressing that the survey is under scrutiny. On the off chance that your solicitation doesn't meet our necessities, the audit will be left on your posting. On the off chance that we get legitimate documentation from the customer, the survey will be republished. This will trigger an email that the audit has been republished. You can likewise observe this in your dashboard. In the event that we find in our examination that the survey doesn't meet our rules and should be expelled, a banner will show up on your posting expressing so.

A survey might be evacuated on the off chance that it doesn't meet our rules or is slanderous. Abusive audits are ones that assault your character or your workers, or make preposterous cases that can't be demonstrated in court. In the event that you accept an audit on your posting doesn't meet VivaHomePros rules or is abusive, present the survey for examination and clarify why you figure it ought not be posted.

Indeed, an analyst can alter their audit at whenever. Each time alters are made to a survey, the audit is submitted for balance by our Content Integrity Team. This will make the survey be incidentally expelled from the posting and a banner will show up while the group checks the audit. During this procedure, the Content Integrity Team can dismiss or favor the recently refreshed audit. Whenever endorsed, you will have the option to see adaptations of the survey on your posting, and you will get a warning email expressing a formerly affirmed audit has been refreshed.

Application audits are dealt with equivalent to surveys that roll in from the site and experience a similar check process. The main distinction is that they are gathered utilizing the VivaHomePros for Business application. They are as trusted as all audits that come in to the site and experience a similar procedure for check and validness. For more data on the application, look at our site by clicking here.

The most effortless approach to add photographs to a survey is to submit it through the VivaHomePros for Business application. Thus you can take progress pictures and transfer them alongside the audit. Pictures are an extraordinary method to flaunt your work and help potential customers see your nature of work.

Banners are our method of telling clients the explanation behind the status of a survey on a page. Instances of banners include:'This audit has been hailed for check. This message will show when a survey has been distributed however has been briefly brought down from the site for confirmation, either according to popular demand of the organization or by VivaHomePros.This section didn't meet VivaHomePros audit standards. This banner will show up on surveys that have recently been distributed. At times after further thought, or again data opens up, the audit is evacuated. This banner is frequently observed on surveys that were posted with an invalid email or on audits that were researched and end up being a non-paying client of the company.*'This audit has been evacuated by the creator. Sometimes commentators adjust their perspectives and need their audits expelled. To keep straightforwardness on the site, we expel the audits yet keep the banner up to tell clients a survey was recently posted.

Star Score quantifies the dependability of the a huge number of temporary workers on our site. This new Score is determined out of 100% much like test scores, and considers numerous factors that we know through understanding to be basic while picking a dependable home proficient. Peruse progressively about VivaHomePros Star Score.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Star Reviewer identifications are granted to the most drew in, dynamic and reliable VivaHomePros clients dependent on explicit site action that meets the Star Reviewer marking models. The standards for these identifications isn't imparted to people in general. Clients who are Star Reviewers have an identification under their client name that shows up on the entirety of their surveys and their audits are all the more conspicuously showed. At the point when you see this identification on a property holder profile, you realize it was earned legitimately.

VivaHomePros was made to assist property holders with finding the best home improvement experts in their general vicinity. This is the reason we permit them to make postings for organizations who as of now don't exist on the site. By including an organization that doesn't as of now exist, the organization picks up introduction and can begin gathering audits. On the off chance that a posting has been made for your organization's benefit, you can guarantee that posting with the goal that you have command over it, anyway you can't erase it.

We don't erase organization postings on VivaHomePros, regardless of whether there are no surveys on the page. All postings stay on the site with the goal that we can stay as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. In the event that your organization is bankrupt and done working, we won't evacuate the posting. VivaHomePros will stamp the posting as "Out of Business" and expel the telephone number with the goal that potential customers don't reach you. When an organization is set apart as Out of Business, their surveys will stay on the page, paying little heed to status