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The establishment of VivaHomePros is based upon the legit and confirmed surveys put together by our property holder network. What sets VivaHomePros audits separated from other online survey locales is the way that we have a whole group devoted to checking the substance of your surveys - regardless of whether they are sure or negative, all are similarly as significant. We take these additional measures to ensure you can feel sure employing dependent on the audits you read.
We urge property holders to submit audits following the culmination of any home improvement venture. Preceding presenting your survey, it would be ideal if you take a couple of seconds to acclimate yourself with our rules to guarantee that the audit you submit will get affirmed and posted.

  1. There more likely than not been a budgetary exchange between the audit author and the organization. Money related exchange is characterized as an exchange of assets between the property holder and the organization. The audit must identify with the fix, improvement, buy, or development undertaking, finished by a composed agreement. This likewise incorporates discounts.
  2. All audits must be helpful, keeping away from accusatory and disgusting language and must maintain Canadian Defamation laws.
  3. All audits must prohibit any close to home or potentially recognizable data. This incorporates utilizing complete names, name initials, telephone numbers, email locations or private correspondences.
  4. All audits must concentrate on the task finished by the organization you had a money related exchange with/recruited. Try also contender organization names or extra organization names in the survey.
  5. An organization can be evaluated up to multiple times by a similar mortgage holder. Each survey must concentrate on an alternate undertaking, with in any event a half year between each audit.
  6. All audits must be at least 30 words in length and written in English.
  7. All audits must be submitted with a substantial email address and postal code of where the work was finished.
  8. All surveys must be unique. Property holders must alter their unique survey to react to the organization's reaction.
  9. All surveys must be composed by past clients who are irrelevant as well as unaffiliated with the organization. Relatives, current or past workers can't compose surveys.
  10. Offering motivation or markdown projects to property holders in return for audits isn't permitted. No such surveys will be affirmed.
  11. All surveys must be non-business, which means they ca exclude special material or connections to different sites.
  12. All audits for organizations ought to be left utilizing a property holder account. This incorporates organizations employed to help with an occupation at your home or work environment, or sub-contracting organizations.
  13. Anybody composing a survey or reacting to an audit for the benefit of an organization, must be beyond 18 years old.
  14. VivaHomePros will just evacuate surveys: a. In line with the mortgage holder b. During an examination c. Composed by an unsubstantiated customer

It is significant that Homeowners report any audit peculiarities, for example, limits offered in return for a survey or other agreement understandings that may affect the trustworthiness of an audit. These abnormalities restrict the survey creator from leaving their fair and authentic involvement in an organization. In the event that you go over one of these, contact or call into our Home Support Team at >NUMBER< *VivaHomePros won't post – or once posted, will evacuate – any abusive or accusatory language, foulness, dangers, partial remarks, detest discourse, individual assaults, or other substance thought about frightful.